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Beoordeel Godhand Ultimate Nipper 5.0 GH-SPN-120

Godhand Ultimate Nipper 5.0 GH-SPN-120

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The Best Plastic Nipper FRom Japan!

Ultra thin single edged! Ultimate Sharpness!

Ultimate nipper is designed for the gate cutby pursuing the ultimate cut.

The ultimate nipper consists of the cuttingblade and the single edged structure which creat
Geeks Heaven.
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Ultimate Ultra-Thin Single-Edge! Ultimate Sharpness!
Ultimate ultra-thin single-edge structure brings excellent performance and efficiency!

Ultimate Nipper is designed for the ultimate cut with a strong focus on gate cutting.
When trying to slice-cut a 3 mm dia. runner, the blade moves in smoothly and finishes cutting without sound.
The sharpness of the cutting edge achieves a smooth cut surface as if sharpened with a design knife and minimizes plastic whitening (a phenomenon in which the cut section turns white).
Compared to most nippers, the cut surface is much cleaner and neater, which makes it a good choice for those who want to complete plastic models without painting.

For those who paint plastic models, the cutting surface remains smooth and clean even if the blade is cut along the part without leaving a gate, thus shortening the time for gate processing with files or knives.
When cutting out small parts, parts are less likely to fly away, reducing the need to search for missing parts.
The standard force for cutting 3 mm dia. plastic is 2 kg or less. (General nippers are 3.5 kg to 10 kg)

● Cutting Edge and Single-Edged Structure Designed for Superior Sharpness
Ultimate Nipper's superior sharpness comes from its thinly refined cutting edge and single-edge structure for a clean cutting.

・Ultra-thin cutting edge by craftsmanship
Ultimate Nipper's well-crafted cutting edge is as thin and sharp as a knife.
It is created one by one through blade edging and sharpening by well-experienced craftspersons in Tsubame-Sanjo, Niigata Prefecture, a region famous for its cutlery.

・Single-edge structure for clean cutting
Ultimate Nipper adopts a single-edged blade structure for clean cutting surfaces.
Single-edged blade structure refers to a design in which one side of the blade is a cutting blade, and the other side is a cutting board blade. The blade is named 'single-edged' because only one blade (cutting edge) cuts on one side.

・Material: Special tool steel (made by Kobe Steel, Ltd.)
・Total length: approx. 120 mm
・Weight: approx. 60 g
・Blade hardness: ≧ HRC58
・Single-edge specification
・Blade breakage prevention stopper
・Over-opening prevention pin
・Spring loaded
・Soft grip
・With original nipper cap

・Target materials: Plastic (PS resin, PP resin, ABS resin, PE resin) only
・Cutting capacity: Materials of < 3 mm dia.
However, transparent and translucent PS resins are limited to < 1 mm dia for hardness.

・The nippers are delicate and sharp. If misused, the blades may chip or break.
・The blade can cut plastics with ease and precision. Please do not grip the nippers with excessive force.
・The blade is thinner toward the tip and is more likely to break. Please cut as close to the center of the blade as possible.
・Please do not twist the blade during cutting or releasing from the runner. Twisting may cause it to break under load.
・Please do not cut plastics that are too long for the blade. The load will be applied to one point, causing it to break or bend.
・Please do not use for cutting plastics that exceed the cutting capacity or materials that are not compatible (metal, resin, paper, and other materials besides plastic).
・Please do not use cutting materials such as plastic plates, tags, parts, or dowels.
・Please remove chips from the blade with a toothbrush (a blade brush) during and after use.
 Cutting with chips remaining on the blade may cause excessive load and damage.
 In particular, cutting with chips stuck in the base of the blade can easily cause misaligned.
・Please do not touch the cutting edge directly. The cutting edge is sharp and may get injured.
・Sebum may cause rust. If you touch the metal parts directly, wipe off any fingerprints and dirt, and apply rust-preventive oil.
・Humidity may cause rust. Please oil more often, even during the rainy season.
・Poor lubrication of moving parts causes wears on the shaft and rattling, leading to reduced sharpness. Please lubricate the moving parts regularly.
・Please wear protective glasses for safety.
・Cutting materials may fly away. Please be sure no one or fragile objects are around before use.
・Please keep out of reach of children.
・Please put on the attached nipper cap for safekeeping.

* Ultimate Nipper is a registered trademark of GodHand.